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  • External repair clamps

    Product applications The AVK stainless steel repair clamp is a fast, reliable and simple solution to repair pipes made of steel, copper, asbestos cements, cast iron and synthetic materials. This stainless steel repair clamp can be used for the permanent repair of cracks, holes or complete breakages in pipes of for tapping. The stainless steel repair clamp are manufactored and assembled at AVK Nederland BV in Vaassen. This manufacturing company is completely adjusted to the wishes and demands of this time. The whole manufacturing process is ISO 9001 certified. Product description The principle rests on a stainless steel, pre-rolled plate, which is clamped around the pipe and fastened with welded bolts and nuts. The clamp has a rubber lining. The tensile force applied by the clamp fastenings is converted to a radial pressure on the rubber lining. The repair clamp for small diameter pipes consist of a single section. For larger diameters there are clamps made of several sections. The stainless steel repair clamp is made of AISI 304 quality, but also AISI 316 and other qualities are available. After welding the stainless steel repair clamp is completely passivated to guarantee optimum corrosion resistance. An essential part of the stainless steel repair clamp is its rubber lining. This rubber lining has a "waffled" structure which forms sealed cells when clamped. The type of rubber used depends on the application. The standard application is EPDM (water) and NBR (gas). For special applications there is a choice of Viton and other rubbers. EPDM (ethenepropeneterpolymer), according EN 681-1 is highly suitable for water, hot water, steam, oxidising fluids and acids. Temperature ranging from -50°C till +110°C. NBR (nitril rubber), according EN682 is especially suitable for gas, oil, water, animal and vegetable oil. Temperature ranging from -30°C till +110°C (for shorter periods to +130°C). Our sales department would be glad to advise you on the choice of rubber suitable for other applications.

  • Internal repair clamps

    The product AVK internal repair repair clamps guarantee a solid repair of cracks, holes and open joints in pipes. The material is top quality and guarantees a long service life. Product Description Type IR 200 and IR 380 flex (sections with bolt system) The internal repair clamp is composed of one or multiple sections. These sections are joined together by the closure structures to form a ring. By turning the screws in the locking ring the structure is set larger in diameter. The rubber sleeve is provided with upstanding ridges and is applied to the outside of the stainless steel bowl. The internal repair clamp is pressed against the tube wall and a seal is realized. Standard available in sizes 200 and 380 (flex) mm. Other widths are available on request. The IR 380 flex has an opening between the sections to remain flexible. Because the internal repair clamp is constructed from parts, it can easily be inserted through a manhole. Type IRB 190 and IRB 360 (sections with binding system) The internal repair clamp consists of a rubber sleeve with upstanding ridges along with a stainless steel binding. The bindings are placed in the sleeve and pressed apart with a hydraulic tool. The diameter becomes larger and presses the sleeve against the tube wall and a seal is realized. When the required pressure is applied with the hydraulic tool, a wegde is placed in the created hole. Standard available in sizes 190 and 360 mm, other widths on request . Multipart version is available for access through manholes.  

  • Saddles & Support Bushes

    Saddles AVK saddles are easy to install, maintenance free and designed for long life. A large profiled gasket made ​​of EPDM rubber provides a good seal against a rough tube surface. The stirrup is has a rubber padding for optimal protection of the pipe. A conical POM washer allows for easy tightening the bolts and thus retains the stirrup optimal flexibility. Support Bushes Stainless steel support bushes for PE pipes. AVK recommends the use of a support bush in PE pipes when applying a tensile or non-tensile coupling or flange adapter, such as an AVK combyflens, Supa Plus ™ or a Supa Maxi ™ coupling. AVK support bushes are made of stainless steel AISI 304 and are available for SDR 11, SDR 13.6, SDR 17 and SDR 17.6