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AVK post indicator


Redesign of AVK post indicator eases adjustment

Benefit from the redesign of the AVK Indicator Post

A complete redesign of the top part of the AVK series 34/00 post indicator has recently been implemented. The new design makes it easier for the customer to install the post indicator and adjust it for different valve sizes.

The main difference is in the top part of the indicator post. The new indicator head is completely cast in one big piece with a small bonnet connected with 4 hexagon head screws. You only need to demount the four screws and lift off the bonnet before you can pull out the complete target sign assembly. This allows for easy adjustment of the target sign in the prepared slots with indication of valve sizes.

The AVK series 34 post indicator is UL/FM approved in DN 100 to DN350 and UL listed in DN 400.