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New common standard for gas valves


The EN 13774 standard for gas valves no longer uses Class 1 and 2 divisions.

At the same time a design test is now sufficient to meet the requirements.

The EN 13774 standard from 2003 covering “valves for gas distribution systems with max. PN 16 operating pressure” has been updated and is no longer divided into classes. Previously, a production test with 6Mbar was obligatory to meet the requirements in Class 1. According to the updated EN 13774:2013 standard all valves must be designed to close tight at 6Mbar, but a design test is now enough to meet the requirements.

Up until this point AVK has not been able to make pressure test equipment for testing the valves at 6Mbar, and therefore delivering according to Class 1 requirements has not been possible. This is no longer an issue, and the valves will continuously be tested as follows: 


Production test according to EN 13774:2013

  • Shell test (open position) = 1.5 X PN water
  • Shell test (open position) = 1.1 X PN air
  • Leak tightness of wedge (closed position) = 1.1 X PN air


Additional production test according to DIN 3230-5, PG3

  • Shell test (open position) = 0.5 bar air
  • Leak tightness of wedge (closed position) = 0.5 bar air


The test according to DIN 3230-5 is made to fulfill requirements primarily from German customers.

Labels and datasheets for gas valves will be changed accordingly, which in essence means that “Class 2” will be deleted.